We encourage all children under age 6, or children who will receive extensive dental treatment, to be seen in the morning hours as this will maximize their comfort and cooperation.
Kindly provide us with a 48-hour notice if you need to cancel the appointment. This will allow us enough time to schedule another patient who is in need of an appointment time. Failure to show at a previously scheduled appointment will incur a no-show fee. Please call and advise us that you can't make it to an appointment to avoid that fee.
Please call ahead if you will be late to the appointment so we may advise you of the doctor’s schedule, and possibly reschedule if needed.
While you are in the office, please observe the rule of “only one family member in the treatment room”. Please take extra care to watch other siblings, especially the younger ones, and prevent them from wandering around the treatment area. Please refrain from feeding accompanying siblings while you are in the treatment room. Also please keep cell-phone usage to a minimum while you are in the treatment room.
Occasionally, due to an unscheduled emergency visit, or a child needing extra attention, we may run late and ask you to wait. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that your child will receive the same attention and care when his/her time comes.
Please be sure to update our secretary or clinical staff if there are any changes to your child’s health, diet, or allergies at each visit.
We are looking forward to give each child an enjoyable experience in the dental office. To increase your child’s understanding and relieve any anxiety, Dr. Damascus uses the “tell-show-do” method of behavioral management. She will explain what will be done and demonstrate it outside the mouth before beginning the procedure on the child. Young children and children who have had an unfavorable experience with a previous dentist will be apprehensive and may cry. Please do not let the crying upset you as it is a child’s normal reaction to a strange environment, and Dr. Damascus will know how to console them. Older children and those who have had some experience with the dentist also benefit from the “tell-show-do” method as our doctor uses it to build communication and trust.
Dr. Damascus' treatment plan and clinical approach to each child is different, tailored to the child’s dental needs, as well as their emotional and physical maturity. On the first visit, you will be requested to complete a medical and dental health history for your child. This form can be filled out on your computer and printed, or alternatively, printed and filled out by hand.

Over time, Dr. Damascus strives to establish rapport with your child by developing a friendly and trusting relationship with him/her. If parents do accompany the child to the treatment room, please watch for cues from Dr. Damascus as sometimes she will need you to be a “silent partner” so that she may get all of the child’s attention. Working together, with all this preparation, we can succeed in providing your child with feelings of comfort and trust.
If there are specific concerns or a special need, please do not hesitate to call prior to the appointment so that we may address these issues accordingly. We would like to warmly welcome you and your child to many years of healthy, happy, and confident smiles.
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